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Build Custom Practice Exams

Test your Knowledge

Our Custom Practice exams are unlimited and include an answer review to help gauge your readiness and preparation for the state exam. Our Practice Exam builder allows you to choose which sections the exam questions come from, set how many, then tset the timer for the exam. At the end of the practice exam, you can see which answers were incorrect, what the correct answer was along with an explanation. When you are ready, you can then move on to take the Simulated Practice exam

  • Select # of questions from specifc lessons or the entire course
  • You are in control of the # of questions and the time
  • Review your answers and learn from your mistakes
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Virtual Flash Cards

Interactive study aids

Our Interactive Flash Card system allows you to quickly go through study questions, provide your answer and see whether your answer was correct and then mark it as such for review later.

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Simulated Practice Exam

Test your Limits

Our simulated practice exams are randomly generated to provide you with a fresh set of questions so you can be prepared to pass your state insurance exam the first time through.

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